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Newbies to the world of Traditional Foods may not recognize some of the terminology or lingo used in many blogs around the web, including this one. To simplify (and make my life easier), I’ve compiled a glossary. Feel free to let me know if any entries need clarification, or if you have a definition I’ve neglected to include!

  1. Lacto-Fermented (LF): The ancient art of preserving food through fermentation, brought about by the use of lactic acid producing lactobacilli. LF foods are more easily digested, and lacto-fermentation increases vitamin content. Typical LF foods include sauerkraut, pickles, and kimchi, but just about any vegetables can be preserved in this manner. Please note: vegies preserved in vinegar, while considered “pickled,” are not true LF vegies. Dairy products are another typical LF application; yogurt, cheese, and sour cream are all LF foods.

Please note: This glossary is a work in progress; definitions will be added as needed for my posts!


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