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Twisting the Night Away

It’s Tuesday, and time for Gnowgflin’s Tuesday Twister Blog Carnival, where participants describe what’s been “twisting” in their kitchens! I haven’t participated in some time, but I’m getting back into the groove 😉  So, what’s been twisting in my kitchen?

  • Sourdough starter. I *love* my sourdough, and lately have been experimenting with whole wheat and rye flours. I’m not too thrilled with the results, but that may be because we’re just not used to heavier breads. I really need to invest in a grain mill and grind my own…I’m sure that will help!
  • Kefir. This isn’t new of course! The kids love it, especially in smoothies. We’re currently on a blueberry kick–I froze a ton of them last summer and they blend up so nicely…YUM!
  • Fermented veg: I have sauerkraut, ginger carrots (my personal fav) and pickles all going strong–I cannot wait until the farmer’s markets start up again….this spring I’m dying to try my hand at fermented green tomatoes, a la Bubbies.
  • Kombucha. My first batch failed horribly–mold grew on the SCOBY and everything. I think it was in the wrong room, at the wrong temperature, and I have a suspicion that I didn’t let the water sit out long enough to let the chlorine dissipate before brewing the tea. I was so disappointed! I’ve ordered another SCOBY though, and hopefully the next batch will work. I’m crossing my fingers! If anyone has any suggestions, I’m all ears 🙂

So that’s it! That’s what’s twisting in my kitchen this week. What’s twisting in yours?