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A little about me: I live in the beautiful Puget Sound area of Washington State. For the uninitiated, you know that state in the NW corner of the US map? The one that is always blue during election results on news shows and is right below Canada eh? That’s where I am. I live on the Kitsap Peninsula, which is a ferry ride due west from downtown Seattle or a 1.5 hour “drive around” as we call it. Traffic’s much much better now that the new Narrows bridge opened! I didn’t always live in Kitsap County; I was born in Seattle and grew up there; we moved to Vashon Island (google it) when I was in jr high and graduated from there in the late 80’s…and now you know how old I am.

Let’s see, what next? Oh yeah, met a guy, moved in, got married. It’s been 13 years now. (YIKES!)

We have two beautiful daughters that are my reason for living and breathing. We moved back to Kitsap after a 2 year exile in Northern Nevada where the husband had taken a job. It was a good job, but in 2008 the company decided to close the branch and laid off everyone (bastards!) Luckily for us, we had rented out our house, so it was an easy decision to move home.

And so here we are! Safe and sound and back where we belong amongst the green and lovely sea air. If you’ve ever been to Reno/Sparks, you know that it is a dry, dusty, brown and smelly valley where it NEVER EVER RAINS. I about went out of my mind.


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  1. Home raised eggs?………I don’t remember no chickens.


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