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A crazy six months

So. It’s been quite some time since my last post. Lots has happened since then:

  • I was laid off from my job as a writer
  • My husband’s health has continued to decline (he has COPD, a seriously debilitating disease)
  • We suffered a break in our water pipes this winter, which required our living room to be gutted and then repaired

So as you can see, along with taking care of two young children, I’ve had my hands full! I manage to get on FB most days, but blogging? The layoff really hit me where it hurt: my self confidence in my writing skills. I know the layoff occurred because contracts didn’t get awarded as promised. I know the economy is in the toilet. I know my employer would have kept me on if she could have…(and kept me as long as she could). But even so, I don’t care who you are, a layoff is devastating. So. There you have it. But with the help of my husband and my brothers, who are extremely supportive, I’ve  pulled through. And made a life changing decision, as well: I’m going back to school.

Trying to find a new job has proven impossible. I’m either underqualified or overqualified. I don’t have a degree, so that’s a huge strike against me. And that’s the key to a well paid position. So, keeping the big picture in mind, I have to get that degree. I have 45 credits towards that Associates degree already, so that’s halfway done. Now to get those Science and Math classes…argh. Those subjects are *not* my cup of tea, I must say. In fact, I’m deathly afraid of Math class. But ohwell! It must be done, and I have motivation unlike any other time in my life.

After I complete the AA degree, I’ll enroll at UW—they have a direct transfer agreement with Olympic College. My ultimate goal is to graduate with a degree in Healthcare Leadership. I’m hoping they don’t require a class in nutrition, though! If they do, I’ll be sure to come armed with my WAPF literature. I cringe at the thought of taking a standard “nutrition” class—hey! Maybe I can get some WAPF folks to be guest lecturers 😉

Ok, so there’s my story. I’m feeling the creativity flowing now…watch this space for more (regular) posts!


2 Responses

  1. Sorry about all your troubles. But don’t worry about math. It’s all just logic. You’re no dummy – you can do it! The degree is totally worth it. I tell my kids that a bachelor’s degree is the new high school diploma, or will be.

    Dontcha love that direct transfer agreement? I did the same thing from TCC to the UW. You get to take the hard “weed-out” classes in the CC where they can actually be passed with a decent grade. I missed one class (Chemistry) and had to take it at the UW. It took 10 times more work at the UW than any class I ever took at TCC. Anyway, hang in there and don’t let those math classes scare you off.

  2. Hey Tom,

    Thanks for the encouragement…you’re a good friend. 🙂 You’re absolutely right about the BA being the new hs diploma…I have over 15 years of administrative experience, but no one will hire me these days without that degree.

    That’s great advice about taking the hard classes at OC vs UW. I hope I don’t have to take Chem though! (I don’t think I will) Although I did see an intro to Meteorology class…I may take it to satisfy a Science requirement…and why not? I can always ask you for help, LOL

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